Forest Management

Your forested land is an exceptional resource in many different aspects. It is an area Black Cherry Standing Tree, forest managementto escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, provides habitat for many different species of wildlife, and is a valuable asset for you. Our goal at Tri-State Timber is to understand your own goals and to meet or exceed them.

Have you thought about your goals for your property? It can be an intimidating process. Markets for different species fluctuate and new ecological concerns arise, but we are here to help. Tri-State Timber employs three full-time foresters with Society of American Foresters accredited four-year degrees. Our foresters can inform you about the latest news and trends in forest management and the timber industry. We also can give you a free, no-obligation inspection of your woods. Then decisions can be made on when and what type of forest management would be optimal for your situation.

Logging Truck behind tree, Forest management

At Tri-State, we take into consideration future harvests. Harvesting only the highest valued tree species and leaving the lowest valued species is not in our best long term interest. We usually advise landowners to harvest some of all the different species on your property in order to maintain or improve your biodiversity. This will also lead to future balanced harvests for us and for future generations. Trees are truly America’s renewable resource. By utilizing this green resource responsibly and sustainably we create jobs for local, hard working Americans.