Black Cherry

black cherry bottom logBlack Cherry (Prunus serotina)

is a fast growing and short lived species. Its form is usually tall, straight, and free of many defects making good knot-free lumber. The areas of New York and Pennsylvania are known to have the best quality black cherry with the least amount of gum. Cherry in the Midwest is still good wood, but whenever the demand is suppressed our prices drop before the high quality areas.

Wildlife value

Since black cherry is a common tree spread across the midwest, when the fruit ripens in late summer it is a major event for many animals. Many species of birds will take advantage of the fruit. Many other animals besides birds indulge on the cherries as well. Foxes, raccoons, opossums, chipmunks, and white-footed mice are just a few of the species.

Commercial Value

Black cherry is one of our most beautiful and highly prized woods. It is rated as one of the best species of lumber for planing, shaping, turning, and boring. When first machined, the heartwood color can range from light pink to a darker red color. The wood darkens substantially with exposure to light.

Firewood Attributes

20 million BTU’s in a cord of air dried firewood.
Okay to average ease of burning.
Easy to split.
Does not smoke heavy.
Throws no/few sparks.
Excellent aroma.