Q: I have 5 walnut trees, will Tri-State come out and log them?Walnut leaves in fall

A: It is very unlikely we will be able to buy only five trees. Due to the high cost of moving logging crews and large equipment to small parcels, we usually require 20 wooded acres. There are plenty of exceptions to this rule, such as when we are already logging nearby or exceptional quality can justify logging a smaller woods.


Directional Felling


Q: I’ve seen my neighbors log and it looked awful after they logged. I have big trees and I know I should sell them before they fall. Is there any way we can have harvest and not make it look awful.

A: This is a very common question and concern. Our foresters do their best to explain the different options to you. Some properties have lots of options, other properties have only a few. Regardless, our foresters and loggers do their best not to harm the residual stand of timber that is left for the next harvest years to come.