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Tri-State Buying Timber from State Timber Sales


Buying timber from state timber sales

Trees felled without damaging residual trees.

Tri-State Timber not only purchase trees from private landowners, but we also buy trees from state timber sales. Here is an excellent video made by the Indiana DNR. In the video they explain the timber management on a timber sale we purchased. Also, one of our loggers explain how we avoid damaging the residual stand of timber.

Professional loggers capable of executing a harvest properly are crucial to implementing a forest management plan. We take great pride in making sure the forest lands stay productive. We want this land to be growing new timber for harvests in years to come. 

Back Country Forest Management at Morgan-Monroe State Forest | Indiana DNR – YouTube.

The Process of Selling Timber

Sell timber

There is no such thing as an average stand of timber. Not only the economic values differ drastically from woods to woods, but each landowner evaluates their aesthetic and recreational values differently. At Tri-State our goal is to generate the most VALUE to you from your woodlands.

The first step in selling timber is to meet with one of our professional foresters. After a walk through your woodlands, the forester will ask you questions about your goals, objectives, concerns, and values. From this discussion you and the forester can come to an understanding of what you want to do and what is possible to do.

Sell timber

All landowners selling timber want to make sure they are paid “top dollar” for their timber. Our priority is to make sure each log that comes from your woods is put in a market that will generate the most revenue. Sometimes this means the logs will be processed into lumber, veneer, or a specialty product.

Logs to be shipped overseas sell trees

Logs to be shipped overseas.

Our loggers are some of the best loggers in the region. We are devoted to taking care of the landowners’ property and treating it as if it were our own. We are committed to following Best Management Practices and as such our company or one of our crews have been named Logger of the Year by the Indiana Tree Farmers’ Association three different times.

We look forward to talking with you about your interests in selling timber. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us toll free at (800) 992-5599.

Why Forestry?

Hello, my name is Al Meyer and I am excited to join Tri-State Timber. I recently graduated from Purdue University with a Bachelor’s degree in Forestry.

At Purdue I was deeply involved with Society of American Foresters (SAF) and was Purdue’s chapter President my senior year. SAF is a scientific and educational non-profit organization that represents the forestry profession and was a pleasure to be a part of. In my four years at college I learned a lot about the world of forestry and was given a long term outlook in forest management.

I decided to go into forestry because most of all I enjoy the outdoors. From spotting wildlife to enjoying the landscape of my work, it is a joy to be working in this field. When I am not working for Tri-State I enjoy working on my family farm in Decatur County, Indiana. Also, whenever I’m lucky enough to have the spare time, I really love to go fishing and hunting.

Joining Tri-State is a privilege because of their highly regarded work and I wanted to help landowners make educated decisions for their properties.